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We have a team of qualified physiotherapists who are not only experienced in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions but have additional post-graduate training in ergonomics and are all members of the professional special interest group ACPOHE (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics).  We have experience conducting ergonomics assessments in a wide array of environments, from the offices of investment banks such as Barclays, Nomura and Deutsche and multinational law firms in the City of London; local charities such as Comic Relief and Pancreatic Cancer UK to the whiskey distilleries of William Grant in Dufftown; Bellshill and Ayreshire, Scotland.

Our Story

Having worked as a physiotherapist for the last 22 years and as an ergonomic consultant for the past 15, I can honestly say that the latter has probably had a bigger impact on health and wellbeing than the former.  Health is not free, it has to be earned and education, information, understanding and action are all required before we can earn it effectively - Antony Hylton (Director)


Ergonomics is the science of work with Ergo being the greek word for work (as opposed to the latin meaning 'therefore') and 'nomics' meaning 'study of'.  


Zoi (pronounced like the girls name Zoe) is the greek word for life.  So zoinomics is about the study of life, or a healthy life, beginning at work.  


Our Mission

My colleagues and I set up this business to try to help other companies and individuals achieve good health, particularly in relation to work but also in all aspects of life.


We specialise in the ergonomics of office environments where we spend so much time but over the coming weeks we will be a source of information for nutrition, exercise, mental health and various other topics.... stay tuned 

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