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Zoinomics Remote HOme Assessment procedure

Zoinomics Remote Home Assessment Process
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Zoinomics Covid 19 Face to Face HOme Assessment procedure

Zoinomics COVID-19 Home Assessment Proce
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Zoinomics Privacy Statement

Zoinomics - Privacy Statement.pdf
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Information Sheets

Zoinomics - Breaks.pdf
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Laptop Stands
An advice leaflet on why you need a laptop stand and a list of some of the more popular stands available.
Laptop Stands.pdf
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Using Sit Stand Desks
An advice leaflet for those using or considering using height adjustable desks to affect sit-stand working practices
Sit Stand Desk Advice.pdf
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Using Swiss Balls in the Office - An Opinion
A short blog on the use of swiss balls, or gym balls, to sit on in the office environment.
Swiss balls in the office.pdf
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Laptop Use
A brief note on why it is not ideal to use laptops by themselves and how to address this.
Laptop Use.pdf
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Ergonomic mouses and the Contour Unimouse
A short blog on the theory behind ergonomic mouses and a review of the new Contour Unimouse.
Unimouse Blog.pdf
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Screen Positioning
An information sheet on where your screen should be positioned and why.
Screen Position.pdf
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